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Quinton Hypertonic

Original Quinton Hypertonic Marine Plasma

Hypertonic is pure marine plasma that is a good way to start your protocol if you are generally healthily or looking for athletic performance. Many Hypertonic users report positive results switching to Isotonic after several months and back to Hypertonic occasionally. After trying both, many just "know" which one they need.


Quinton Hypertonic Marine Plasma

Quinton Isotonic

Original Quinton Isotonic Marine Plasma

Isotonic is pure marine plasma and is the most gentle.  It is also ideal for long term use.  Isotonic has 0.9 % bioavailable minerals and trace elements of the Periodic Table, which uniquely supports restoration of the biological terrain.





Quinton Isotonic Marine Plasma


Why is Original Quinton Different?

Original Quinton is not just ocean water. It's a unique marine plasma harvested from one vortex plankton bloom, at certain times, under certain conditions. To this day, Laboratoires Quinton International has the exclusive rights to harvest marine plasma, and no other company besides Original Quinton is authorized to distribute true Quinton Marine Plasma in the United States.

Rene Quinton and his researchers discovered that when they diluted seawater to match the osmotic concentration (0.9%) of the blook, it was quickly absorbed and replenished the composition of the extracellular fluid.  The result was enhanced cellular nutrition required for homeostasis.

And click here to view a video of Laboratoires Quinton International, S.L. facility and their pharmaceutical grade ISO 9001 facility.

If it doesn't say "Original Quinton," it's not Quinton Marine Plasma. If it not handled and processed by Rene Quinton's protocol (a family secret), it's not Quinton Marine Plasma. It's just seawater.

But what makes Original Quinton Marine Plasma so special? And how can you distinguish it from other brands? Refer to the table below for an at-a-glace view of why Original Quinton is different.


Quinton Marine Plasma Q and A


Q: Can I dilute Hypertonic to make my own Isotonic?
A: René Quinton discovered a precise method of creating Isotonic. To produce it as he did, you would need sophisticated measurement machines as well as a sterile environment. Since these requirements are beyond the scope of the average person, we advise against trying to do it.

Original Quinton FAQ

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888.KELATOX (535-2869)

Professional Accounts Available - Click here

For information or to place a phone order

888.KELATOX (535-2869)

Professional Accounts Available - Click here