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Our nutrition section gives you the information you need to reach any health and fitness goal. Eating and drinking is the process of taking (swallowing) of food and other nutritious material by the body. Thus, you can say that eating is the process of taking food by an organism.


Nutrition can be defined as taking in and use of food and other nutritious material by the body. Basically, nutrition is a four-step process as defined below:


  • Food and/or drink is consumed.
  • The body breaks down the food and/or drink (inside the stomach) into nutrients.
  • These nutrients are absorbed in the intestines.
  • The nutrients travel through the bloodstream to different parts of the body.


These nutrients work as fuel for the body and consumed by the body in performing tasks such as growth, repair, movement, thinking and various other different tasks. Therefore you may conclude that the nutrients absorbed by the body are used to maintain and sustain life. In order to provide the body appropriate nutrition and maintain adequate health, people need to eat food and drink liquids containing key nutrients.  Without proper nutrition, our body would be able unable to carry out the functions necessary to maintain and sustain life.


Food is made up of various different types and concentrations of nutrients that determine how nutritious our food is.  These nutrients include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water.


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